Pondymania is a design studio based in Pondicherry. From lamp designing to corporate lighting projects, from pencil research sketches to production, the team of Pondymania is mastering all the aspects from the creation to the production.

What Pondymania does:
We design and produce premium handcrafted lights in India.
We create customized products for projects well adapted to client expectations.
We provide guarantee for delivery and effective after-sales service.

Mission :
Our goal is to create, design and produce handcrafted lights in order to bring an original luminosity and a sophisticated atmosphere to any location in India. Thanks to our exclusive range of shades, frames and motifs, we provide our clients innumerable possibilities to obtain customized premium lights well adapted to their needs.

Who is Pondymania ?
After studying Arts in France and living in several countries in Africa and Asia, French couple Pascal Lys and Isabelle Thevenet came to Pondicherry, India in 2002. The duo was convicted that lights could be a way to express their creativity and give an original atmosphere to any space. That is why Pascal & Isabelle decided to create Pondymania in 2005 with a single employee. The Company now gives work to more than 20 persons, mainly ladies.
The lamps were imagined through various inspirations: travel, souvenirs, daily life, experiences… Their designer lamps are a blend of traditional/natural motifs and contemporary silhouettes. Indeed, the duo can be inspired by the environment in Asia or Europe and can also combine natural elements (flowers, leaves) with graphic and geometric design. This blend makes Pondymania products unique and recognizable. The designer duo wants to create and design products which are simple, sophisticated and refined at the same time. Moreover, Pondymania sources most materials locally and hand craft each lamp personally in their workshop.

Pondymania’s values are based on 3 main cornerstones:

Quality :
We quest for excellence to create premium designer lamps. We develop our handcrafted techniques and we pay attention in the process of transferring our savoir-faire to our employees.

Customer Care :
We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and we adapt ourselves to their expectations. A client relationship is for us above all a relationship based on trust and understanding.

We respect our clients and we also provide our employees a favorable work environment. We take care of our environment by choosing local materials and delivering our products in India only.